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Clowning around with ICOMadison Inspiring Connections Outdoors is part of the National Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO), an outreach program of the Sierra Club.  For more details on Sierra Club in Madison, click here

ICO offers hiking and camping trips, boating and skiing outings, and other outdoor adventures to underprivileged youth in the Madison area. Overall,  Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) has about 50 local youth groups throughout North America. 

We work with Partner Groups and certified Volunteer Leaders to offer outdoor learning experiences for our kids.  For details and to learn more about ICO, please contact us today!

Our Mission

Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors is a community outreach program that provides opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy, and protect the natural world.

Children who run, swim, climb, and paddle are not only more fit physically, but are more likely to grow into adults who are respectful stewards of nature. 

Fostering teamwork and cooperation are major aspects of the Inspiring Connections outdoors experience. Participants naturally develop interpersonal skills and self esteem through their outdoor experiences with positive adult role models.