How to Help
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Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer with ICONew volunteers are always welcome! General volunteer meetings take place quarterly and are usually an outing or social gathering of new and seasoned volunteers. Our steering committee holds business meetings the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, and all volunteers are welcome to sit in if they like. Locations for our meetings vary, so contact us if you are interested in attending a meeting. If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer, please visit our Volunteers page.

You do not need to have extensive experience working with children to help with ICO. We also need volunteers who can help organize and manage our equipment, help with website updates, and write publicity information. See below or Contact ICO for more information.

Donations and Equipment Needs

We are always looking for camping and outdoor equipment, items like backpacks, warm clothing and rain gear for the young people on our trips. Both new and gently used equipment and clothing are gladly accepted!  Our current needs/wants include:

bulletCross country skis and poles (new or close to new)
bulletWarm hiking boots or snow/winter boots in a range of sizes, for kids from ages 7 to 16
bulletMittens, hats, scarves, jackets, sweaters or fleeces, wool socks, and any other warm clothing you'd like to get rid of

Contact ICO today if you have equipment that you wish to donate.

Monetary donations are also welcome. Contributions to ICO help pay for equipment rental, admission fees, transportation, and other outing costs.

Checks can be made out to:
The Sierra Club Foundation - Madison ICO
c/o Ann Bourque
5343 Oak Crest Place
Madison, WI 53705

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Agency Liaison

bulletbe the main contact between ICO and the agency coordinator(s)
bulletmake sure coordinators have the appropriate paperwork (waivers, itineraries, and any trip-specific information) in advance of each trip
bulletkeep track of waivers from trip to trip if there are multiple dates; make sure that trip leader has waivers for each trip if you are not leading
bulletsubmit waivers to chair after date of last outing

Volunteer Coordinator

bulletreceive and respond to all email, phone, or tabling inquiries for potential volunteers; invite to view website, come to next meeting
bulletfollow up with phone call to find out interests, invite to join email list, come on an outing, etc.
bulletsend any new volunteer email addresses, contact info, etc, to chair
bulletsend volunteer application if necessary; have them returned to records manager

Equipment Manager
bulletmaintain the Madison ICO equipment storage space
bulletassist leaders, as necessary, in preparing for the equipment needs of their outings, including coordination of gear in the event of concurrent outings
bulletmaintain an inventory of equipment, informing the leadership of equipment needs, researching best buys, and suggesting purchase budgets to the leadership
bulletschedule equipment repair and soliciting volunteers to clean and repair equipment as needed
bulletmaintain gear checkout records
bulletensure that first aid kits are replenished and refreshed on a regular basis and that first aid kits conform to national ICO first aid standards